Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

For a road hazard that needs immediate attention, call 1-800-367-7623 (FOR-ROAD). To report a road maintenance problem: VDOT. For emergencies, call 911. See below for information on receiving a "Watch for Children" sign.

Additional information:
For numbers of 600 or higher:

105 Cambria St.
Christiansburg, VA 24073

Phone: (540) 381-7210
Contact: David Clarke, P.E. Residency Administrator
Email David Clarke

Roads not part of the state system are considered private roads and maintenance is responsibility of the landowner, developer or homeowners association.

How can I get a Watch for Children sign in my neighborhood?
Residents submit a petition to the County Administrator requesting "Watch for Children" signage. Staff reviews the request to ensure the following minimum threshold requirements have been met: The road must have a daily traffic count of at least 200 vehicles, be 300 feet or more in length with a statutory or posted speed limit of 35mph or less and must be classified by VDOT as a minor collector or local road.

If the threshold requirements are met, staff continues to review the request based on the following considerations:
  • The kind of traffic the road carries
  • The speed limit along the road
  • Land uses along the road
  • Demographic characteristics of the households along the road
  • Physical characteristics of the road that could prevent motorists from being able to stop or slow down in time to avoid contact with a child

Staff submits a written recommendation for denial or approval of the request to the Board of Supervisors, along with a detailed explanation of the rationale behind the recommendation based on the above characteristics. In cases where approval is recommended, the number and location of signs are included in the recommendation.

Upon receipt of recommendation from staff, the Board of Supervisors may adopt a resolution authorizing the County Administrator to enter into an agreement with VDOT for the County to purchase, install and maintain W15-VI “Watch for Children” sign at specified locations with the following conditions:

  • The County will be solely responsible for purchase, installation and maintenance of the sign.
  • The County will pay all costs associated with the purchase, installation and maintenance of the sign, and any accessories necessary for proper erection of the sign.
  • To process requests for additional signs an addendum shall be pursued so that the additional sign locations become part of the agreement.
  • The County shall obtain a land use permit from the VDOT for each sign or series of signs that are indicated in the request.
The type and placement of the sign(s) shall conform with the County’s agreement with VDOT for the installation and maintenance of the sign.