Animal Control officers enforce County regulations on fowl, poultry, livestock and dangerous animals, including checking for animal licenses and dog tags and controlling stray animals.

Animal Control officers investigate animal cruelty, abuse and bite/rabies cases. They also investigate complaints of threatening/aggressive animals.

For the latest data on animals received and their disposition, see the state veterinarian's database.

Report a problem

Animal Control officers are on duty or on call at all times. A message may be left during closed hours at 540-382-5795. For emergencies, contact the Sheriff's Office at 911 or non-emergencies after hours at 540-382-4343.

Animal Control does not handle non-domesticated animals such as deer, raccoons, skunks, rodents or reptiles. A qualified pest control business or the Virginia State Conservation Police, in cases of big game animals, should be contacted.


Laws and Ordinances

Chapter 3 of the county code focuses on animals.

Title 3.2, chapter 65 of the Code of Virginia provides specific details about comprehensive animal care.


Printable Guides

Pet ownership in Montgomery County (trifold brochure, updated 2023)

Provide shelter for your dog

Contact information for organizations handling issues with wildlife





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