Long Time Fire and Rescue Volunteers Recognized

August 2023 Fire and Rescue Volunteer Service AwardsOn Aug. 14, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors recognized 24 of the County's Fire and Rescue Volunteers with 20 or more years of service.

Those recognized included:

four members of the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Anthony S. Wilson, 30 Years; 
  • Dennis C. Price, 35 Years;
  • C. Robert Carner, 45 Years; and 
  • M. Douglas Epperly, 50 Years;
seven members of the Blacksburg Rescue Squad:
  • David ‘Scotty’ Caldwell, 20 Years;
  • Leslie Combs, 20 Years;
  • Kellie Lavine, 20 Years;
  • Kate Miheve, 25 Years;
  • John O’Shea, 29 Years;
  • Paul ‘PJ’ Fleenor, 30 Years; and
  • Robert ‘Tom’ Rogers, 40 Years; 
four members of the Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Todd Chrisley, 20 Years;
  • Barry Simmons, 20 Years;
  • Jeremy Williams, 30 Years;
  • Alan Shaw, 35 Years
one member of the Elliston Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Clyde Hodges, 45 Years;
four members of the Longshop McCoy Volunteer Fire and Rescue:
  • Michael Henry Barnett, 20 Years;
  • Wayne E. Akers, 21 Years;
  • Clarence Edward Sherman ‘CJ,’ 22 Years; and 
  • Keith Williams, 25 Years; 
three members of the Riner Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Ron Baldwin, 30 Years; 
  • Gary Francis, 35 Years; and
  • Patrick Saylors, 35 Years;

one member of the Riner Volunteer Rescue Squad:

  • Kenneth ‘Neal’ Turner, 45 Years.

Last year, the volunteer fire departments responded to 2,766 calls and the volunteer rescue squads responded to 11,644 calls. In total, 266 individuals dedicate their time to serve as volunteer as fire fighters and rescue squad members in Montgomery County.

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