03/30/2022 SUP-2022-00562: Carriage Road, LLC - 1708 Carriage Road

03/30/2022 SUP-2022-00562:Carriage Road, LLC - 1708 Carriage Road
Owner: Carriage Road, LLC
Applicant: Carriage Road, LLC (Darin Greear)
 Site Location Parcel ID: 070611 & 070635

A request by Carriage Road, LLC (Agent: Darin Greear) for a Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow a Contractor’s Storage Yard within an existing structure on approximately 1.5704 acres.  The proposed use is defined as Contractor’s Storage Yard under the Zoning Ordinance, which is permitted in the A-1 Agricultural Zoning District only by a Special Use Permit. The property is located at 1708 Carriage Road (Rt. 704), at the intersection of Carriage Road and Five Points Road (Rt. 671), approximately 0.03 miles east of the intersection of Carriage Road and Riner Road (Rt. 8).  The property is further identified as Tax Map 119-A A 9 (Parcel ID: 070611), 1.486 acres, and Tax Map 119-A A 8 (Parcel ID: 070635), 0.085 acres, both zoned Agricultural (A-1) in the Riner Magisterial District.  The property currently lies in an area designated as Village Expansion in the 2025 Comprehensive Plan and is further designated as Mixed Use in the Riner Village Plan. 

Full Application  SUP-2022-00562 Application 03.28.2022
Public hearing Planning Commission: 05/11/22 @ 7:00 pm
Board of Supervisors: 05/23/22 @ 7:15 pm