01/28/2022 SUP-2022-00409: Indigo Road Investments - Walton Road

01/28/2022 SUP-2022-00409: Indigo Road Investments - Walton Road     
Owner: Indigo Road Investments
Applicant: Gay and Neel, Inc.
 Site Location Parcel ID: 021900

A request by Indigo Road Investments (Agent: Gay and Neel, Inc.) to amend an existing special use permit to allow a rubble landfill for the disposal of inert debris on approximately 3 additional acres of the 124-acre property.  The proposed amendment to the special use permit would increase the total area of the ruble landfill to approximately 7 acres. The proposed use is identified as Rubble, landfill under the Zoning Ordinance which is permitted in A-1 Agricultural District only by a special use permit. The property is located 0.5 miles east of Walton Road (Rte 663) and 0.1 miles south of Spaulding Road (Rte 720) with the entrance being 0.27 miles from the intersection of Radford Road (Rte 11) and Walton Road (Rte 663). The property is identified as Tax Map 091-A-19 (Parcel ID: 021900) in the Riner Magisterial District. The property currently lies in an area designated as Resource Stewardship in the 2025 Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan.

Full Application  SUP-2022-00409 Application 01.28.2022
Public hearing Planning Commission: 02/16/22 @ 7:00 pm
Board of Supervisors: 03/28/22 @ 7:15 pm