Six-Year Secondary Road Improvement Plan

Although the Board of Supervisors adopts a 6-Year Secondary Road Improvement Priority List each year, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has sole authority over the funding, construction, maintenance and control of the secondary road system.

Following a joint public hearing with VDOT each year, the Board of Supervisors considers all public comments made at the public hearing and then adopts a 6-Year Secondary Road Improvement Priority List, which is subject to final approval and funding by VDOT.

Priorities for 2020-2025

Priority #1 Route 606 Sidney Church
Priority #2 Route 643 Yellow Sulphurfinish last 1.1 mile of
unpaved road
Priority #3 Route 669 Fairview Church replace culverts
Priority #4 Route 712 Taylor Hollowunpaved road and replace
low water bridge structure
Priority #5 Route 674 Craig Mountain Rdsurface treat 0.3 mile section
Priority #6 Route 706 Poplar Hollowsurface treat from Route 11
to end state maintenance
Priority #7Route 669 Union Valleydrainage project

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