Commissioner of the Revenue
 Bland, ThomasCounty Assessor(540) 382-5717, x54058email
 Bolt, KarenTax Specialist(540) 382-5717, x54051email
 Broughton, MelanieTax Specialist(540) 382-5710, x54047email
 Graham, ChasidiTax Specialist(540) 382-5710, x54053email
 Hester, PaulCartographer(540) 382-5710, x54130email
 Hill, SusanAssistant County Assessor(540) 382-5717, x54059email
 Huff, HeatherTax Supervisor(540) 382-5710, x54039email
 Justice, MaryTax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54041email
 Lester, TammyTax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54037email
 Lewis, VonSenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54038email
 Moore, JesseChief Deputy(540) 382-5710, x54036email
 Royal, HelenCommissioner of the Revenue(540) 382-5710, x54043email
 Walters, NancySenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54048email
 Winkle, BrendaTax Supervisor(540) 382-5710, x54042email